• Production date: 04/05/1988
  • Type code: BA11
  • Color: Royal-Blau (L0198)
  • Engine code: M20B20
  • Mileage: 303.000km

This car is a neck breaker. I am lucky enough to usually drive cool cars but this one takes the first place when it comes to make people point at you.

And there are several reasons for this; the first being this is a very good looking car! Not only because the E30 is an icon that everybody knows, but also because the semi-restoration that we gave to this beatiful royal-blue unit makes it stand out from the crowd.

But let me first give you a bit of an insight on the history of this one. This is a swiss market car which at some point around 2009 got some german temporary plates. We know nothing about these years but we know that around 2019 one of our customers bought it and brought to Spain (driving!), where it was left standing for some years until we got it and decided to restore it.

We were highly surprised to find a pretty clean body with FACTORY paint and just a few dents and some rusty spots that could be fixed. The coating was very thin and a polish would not be enough so we decided to strip the body and fully respray it in the original color. All the trims, glasses, bumpers and removable parts were removed to avoid any masking marks.

On the mechanical side we cut no corners:
– Freshly serviced engine with all new gaskets, new timing belt, new ignition parts, new filters and fluids and even the intake manifold and valve cover were sandblasted with fiberglass for an original look.
– Refreshed cooling system with new radiator, viscous coupling, water pump and other bits
– New shocks, shorter springs and new rubber parts all around.
– New fuel tank, new fuel pump and new flexible fuel lines.
– New ball joints, bushings and other bits where needed.
– Fully refurbished brake system with new discs, pads, lines and fluid.
– New front glass
– Some new trimmings together with several new bolts, clips and plastic bits that had to be removed for the respray.
– New ALPINA style 17″ wheels (replicas) with new tyres.

Although is not shown in pics the car is delivered with a NEW softop in either black or blue color.

The car drives really smoothly. The 6 cylinders M20B20 is not the most powerful but it has a beatiful sound and good low rpm torque making for an overall pleasing experience. I’ve owned several E30s myself and can say this is one has the smoothest driving


Contact us now to know more. In the worst case scenario we will have a great chat about cars 🙂


– 00 34 635 71 02 94

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